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Need I say more?

Spoilers, of course.

*Returns to swooning*

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I finished the book last night, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was like 24 methadone; not as powerful as the real thing, but enough to take the edge off until I can get to my meeting.

I figured out that it's set between Nightfall and Day 1, which didn't quite work, because I think Jack was too emotionally healthy for that time period. He does have an interior life, which is an improvement, and he gives a couple of pep talks that are so cute.

Someone else read it so we can discuss!

ETA: LOSTin24's Youtube account has been suspended. Not surprising, really, but I am in mourning over the loss of this fine source of Kiefer-vid.
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Marc Cerasini is the bomb. I'm only on page 68, but this book rocks. 

He's weaving in character details from stuff in the sets of the show, is all I'm saying. And Greek mythology in the humourous dialogue! Lufs.

That is all.
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 Okay, I know it's really a bit pathetic to wish a fictional character a happy birthday, but, hey. Jack turns 42 today. And he's aging nicely, don't you think? Maybe he'll get to go to Chuck-E-Cheese for his party!

(Many thanks to Doberman for pointing out this image.)


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