cybertoothtiger: (Jack and Teri b & w)

Author: [personal profile] cybertoothtiger
Rating: G
Characters: Jack, Kim, Teri
Summary: Jack comes home early for Mother's Day.
A/N: I don't own anything from 24. Please don't sue. This is dedicated to Cpl. Michael Starker and all the others who won't be coming home for any more Mother's Days. I appreciate your sacrifice. Rest in peace.

cybertoothtiger: (Jack and Teri b & w)
 Author: Cybertoothtiger
Rating: M for language
Summary: Teri tells Jack she's pregnant
A/N: Don't own it, please don't sue. Okay, this is really, really, the last one. This is just for you, Chips.

I met a boy and a boy met me
And we got together and we made a bay-bee.

And that sucks.


cybertoothtiger: (Jack and Teri b & w)
Author: Cybertoothtiger
Rating: M for post-sexual content. (Hee.)
Summary: Teri considers her options when she thinks she might be pregnant.
A/N: Don't own it. I think I'm going to stop it here. DISCLAIMER: The medical advice contained in this fic is fictitious and should not be considered a viable solution to actual situations. In other words, don't try this at home, kids. Talk to a real doctor.

cybertoothtiger: (Jack and Teri b & w)
 Author: Cybertoothtiger
Rating: M for sexual situations
Summary: Teri comes home for a visit and sees Jack again
A/N: Don't own it. This is something I'm trying out. I'm not sure if it will be my personal canon or not, but I liked the idea of an independent Teri. One more to come. Fluff.

cybertoothtiger: (Jack and Teri b & w)
Author: cybertoothtiger
Rating: M for inferred sexual situations
Summary: Teri meets Jack
A/N: Don't own it. After the fantastic darkness of Saturday, I needed some fluff and optimism. Enjoy!


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