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 Author: Cybertoothtiger
Rating: M for sexual situations
Summary: Teri comes home for a visit and sees Jack again
A/N: Don't own it. This is something I'm trying out. I'm not sure if it will be my personal canon or not, but I liked the idea of an independent Teri. One more to come. Fluff.

Jack put his hands in his pockets and took them out again nervously as he waited for the sliding doors to open. He didn’t even know if he should be here. Should he have brought flowers? That seemed weird. It wasn’t like they were dating or anything. It was probably too much to even pick her up at the airport. She’d only written him two letters. The first one was disappointing. She’d told him she’d liked the tape, but she was going to Rome for Christmas instead of coming home.


He had decided not to take it personally. He’d written her another short note, with what he hoped was witty commentary about what was happening around Berkeley. A few months later she’d written to tell him she was coming home for Easter.


So now here he was, with a knot in his stomach, waiting at the airport. The doors opened and he almost didn’t recognize her with her hair down to her shoulders and wavy. She looked like a Botticelli angel. He smiled. The Art History lectures he’d been auditing were paying off. 


Teri wasn’t expecting him, so she had her head down, focussed on digging in her bag for some American money. Jack cleared his throat and walked over to her.


“Hey, stranger.”


She looked up, and to his relief, her face crinkled in a smile that extended to her eyes. “Jack! I didn’t expect to see you here.”


“I thought you could use a lift.” He reached out a hand for her backpack and was surprised at how much it weighed.


“Sorry, books.”


“I see.” He shouldered the load. She was obviously stronger than she looked.


Teri chatted amicably as they waited for her suitcase, telling him about her work, and what it was like living in Florence. “It’s so romantic. Just like A Room With a View. Sarah – she’s the other intern, from Scotland – and I even have the view.”


Jack nodded, listening and drinking her in. She was even better than he’d remembered.


The week went by too quickly, and Teri had to spend far too much of it with family for Jack’s liking. He only got to see her three times, but each time he found himself more drawn to her. She exuded a lightness that amazed him. He’d never met anyone as good at putting other people at ease.


On her last night he picked her up at her parent’s place to take her for dinner. He arrived at the door with an umbrella in hand, and sheltered her from the light rain as they walked to his little red civic, opening the door for her. They went to a little Greek place that he knew and she made him try the retsina, her eyes sparkling when his mouth twisted at the pine-soaked taste of the white wine.


After dinner they drove back to his place. He’d already arranged for Matt to be out. He didn’t care if it was necessary or not. He wasn’t counting on anything. So far, all she’d offered was friendship. Even if all they did was talk, he didn’t want to have to share her with anyone.


Teri arranged her long legs under her on his blue Ikea couch and accepted the glass of wine he offered.


“I can’t believe I’m going back tomorrow.”


“Me neither.” Jack took his wallet out of his back pocket and put it on the coffee table. He sat at the other end of the loveseat so he could get a better look at her. He took a sip of his wine and set the glass down slowly, gathering up his courage. He knew he wanted to do more than talk.


He shifted forward and reached to tuck a strand of her long hair behind her ear, letting his hand rest softly against her cheek. “I wish you didn’t have to go.” He brushed her lips with his. Her response was everything he’d hoped for. She put her glass on the table and flipped him over. Straddling him, her hair formed a curtain around them as she sought his tongue. Her mouth moved to his ear lobe as she moved her hips against him.


“God…” he groaned. “Marry me, Teri.” It occurred to him that he was only partly joking.


“Mmmm…” she murmured. “Okay. You can be my first husband.”


Jack laughed and rolled her over. She lifted her hips as he pulled her jeans down. He kissed her stomach, moving up her body and gently pushing up her t-shirt to explore her fully. Teri sighed jaggedly and sat up, undoing his buckle and helping him out of his own jeans. Her mouth was almost more than he could handle, he was so on edge. He reached for his wallet on the table and fished out a condom.


She lay back against the couch and gasped as he entered her, her fingers digging in to his shoulders through his dress shirt. They moved together, their kisses became more urgent until finally they both collapsed, panting.


“Holy shit.” Teri sounded dreamy.


Jack chuckled softly and kissed her gently. “That was alright, was it?”


“Hell, yeah.” She eyed him thoughtfully. “I just might marry you after all.”


“Sounds good,” he grinned. “You can be my first wife.”


He ducked his head as she hit him with a cushion. Teri pulled away from him and sat up, a strange look coming over her face. “Uh, Jack?”


He looked down. “Oh, shit.” He was mortified. He’d never had one break before. “Dammit! Teri, I’m so sorry.”


Teri gathered her clothes and pushed past him to the bathroom.


Jack pulled his jeans back on and went to the kitchen, pouring two glasses of water. Shit. Damn. Fuck. Piss. Of all the things to happen. He ran his hand through his hair and waited. The door opened and Teri came out.


“I guess I should go home now.”


He moved to her, holding out a glass of water in what felt like a weak gesture of comfort. “Teri, I’m really sorry.”


She held up her hand, giving him a weak smile. “Don’t be. I was just as responsible. It can happen to anyone.” She picked up her coat. “It should be fine. But I really should be going. My flight is pretty early.”


The drive back to her parent’s place was awkward, and they finally gave up trying to talk.


Jack found his voice as she reached for the door handle. “Can I take you to the airport tomorrow?”


His heart sank as she shook her head. “No, my parents want to take me.”




“Listen, Jack,” she turned to him, placing her hand gently on the side of his face. “This was fun. I really like you. The timing is just… not great.”


He snorted softly. “Yeah.”


“I’ll be back in September. Maybe I’ll see you then?”


He nodded. “Yeah, if I’m still around. I’ve scheduled my defence for July, so I’ll be looking for a job.”


She studied him for a moment. “So there you are, then. Bad timing.” She leaned in and startled him by kissing him, deeply. She pulled back slowly. “Goodbye.”


“Bye.” Before he could recover enough to get out to open her door, she was gone.


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