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 Uh, okay. So. I watched The Body and Forever. I'm glad I stopped where I did the night before, because these two episodes really needed to be seen together. 

It was incredibly painful. It brought up so much stuff from last summer, when my best friend's mom died, and Mr. Tiger thought his mother was going to die, and the whole Summer of Death, really. I have to tell you, Joss got it exactly right. The pacing, with its dream-like, unreal quality, was perfect. I sniffled through the whole thing, which was uncomfortable, because Mr. Tiger was watching it with me, and I'm a private grief kind of person. 

The reactions of everyone were pitch-perfect. Willow was amazing with the way she couldn't decide what to wear, and how she gave Xander a target for his anger as a way to bring him out of it. Anya's blundering confusion which was revealed to come from real pain, and even Spike coming by with flowers for a woman who had really been kind to him -- they were all so true to character and the situation. And then Angel, of course. It was so good that he showed up, and it was handled with exactly the right touch, because it wasn't about them, it was about him supporting Buffy.  

Dawn's pain felt real as well, and her desire to bring back her mother. You could understand her thinking -- the Scoobies do spend so much time mucking with reality, why not this? I was so relieved that they didn't show Zombie!Joyce. Making Buffy kill her undead mother would have been too much. 

As usual, my commentary isn't doing any of it justice. Joss is simply a genius at capturing real human emotions, instead of the TV facsimile we see so often.

So, [ profile] leigh57 , which was your favourite scene? I tried to guess, but there were so many I liked, it was difficult. 
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